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Live Outside the Box!

“You’ll never have to think outside of a box that isn’t there in the first place.” – Eric Purcell “Think outside the box.” A cliché phrase in the business world that originated in the early 1970’s. Why is it so common? Because innovation lies outside of the box. A competitive …

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Winning Outcomes, Glow Leadership

Winning Outcomes – The Secret Spice

It is probably not the biggest secret that I am not a huge sports fan. However, I am a fan of sports psychology and the conditioning of champions as it works well in achieving goals and objectives in both business and in life. Champions on and off the field do …

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Glow Girl! Ashley Wiles

What is YOUR story? Who are YOU? What is YOUR life journey all about? I started dealing with some pretty intense anxiety a few years ago – the kind that makes you not want to sleep or eat and I developed some disordered thinking about those things.  It was Amanda …

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How Wonder Woman Changed My Life

Wonder Woman is the most famous heroine of all time. The full package of beauty, brains and brawn, she’s been a feminist icon since her star spangled intro in 1941. Wonder Woman is Princess Diana of the immortal Amazons from Greek mythology. Known for her superhuman strength and speed, as …

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Glow Leadership

There is an “I” in TRIBE!

We hear it all the time, “There is no “I” in TEAM.” When leading teams the focus is on a shared vision, results and the development of the individuals that we lead. Leading and developing winning teams has personally been the most rewarding and biggest honour of my career and community involvement …

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