How Wellness Impacts Leadership

Earlier this month I launched an online employee wellness training program ACTIVATE Wellness. You might be thinking, “but I thought you did leadership development? What does wellness have to do with leadership?”

Well, quite frankly A LOT.

First, wellness isn’t a new concept in my teachings. In fact, in GLOW ONLINE – Elevate Leadership Performance – Glow Leaderships signature 16-week essentials of leadership program, one of the modules in Success Pillar One – Leadership Foundations is called Be a Well Leader. Additionally, Success Pillar Three - Leadership Wellness – Optimizing Work-Life, goes deeper into wellness concepts to support leaders in it’s four modules.

In THRIVE – Women’s Leadership Mastery, one of the four modules is dedicated to Balance. This module covers an understanding why work-life balance seems so evasive and applies a new model to overcome this challenge. But throughout THRIVE we also cover deeper rooted psychological and spiritual elements of wellness that impact how women show up in leadership roles and how to optimize these.

You see, in my career I’ve had the opportunity to support business leaders in making decisions when it comes to make leadership and promotional decisions. When people are not ready to be promoted it rarely comes down to the person not knowing HOW to do the job.

What holds people back from advancing in their careers more times than not is…

How they are perceived by others, their ability to gain buy in, their ability to adapt to change and their resiliency.

Individuals who have consciously invested in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness tend to be significantly better at these capabilities than others, who tend to struggle.

People who become defensive, move easily into fight or flight or who move quickly to see the negative side of things first typically have not “done the work” on processing unresolved emotion in their lives.

They likely have never had an opportunity to learn about how their emotional wellness impacts the way they show up and are perceived by others as a result.

Overtime, left unresolved or unprocessed, these emotions can also create dis-ease in the body so learning how to recognize, remember and process emotion is one of the best proactive wellness measures available.

I include learning outcomes on wellness in my leadership development programs so leaders and emerging leaders can take better care of themselves, ultimately leading them to showup better in their workplaces.

But I wanted to develop a program for people at all levels within organizations, not just leaders. 

Unfortunately, most Employee Wellness Programs are not proactive and they do not teach individuals how to holistically develop a unique plan that will actually serve them and support meaningful change. The days of having an Employee Wellness Program to look good for potential recruits or so employees could get their gym membership covered are dead.

We must do better!

It's time to actually wake up and see we are living in a stressed-out society that is currently facing a mental health crisis and do something to support our people. That is precisely why I developed ACTIVATE Wellness – so you would have a valuable training resource that will actually make a difference.

Well employees, no matter where they are at in your organization will lead and perform at a much higher level. You will experience more ease, less conflict, better alignment, less absenteeism, more comradery among your team, which of course will lead to better efficiency, customer service and in turn higher revenue.

However, beyond that – isn’t it just the right thing to do?  Get started today by clicking here or contacting me to schedule a complimentary call about how to best support your people.

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