What People Are Saying

The course was awesome! I’ve been in a leadership role for several years now and have had the opportunity to take a lot of different courses, which I picked up bits and pieces from. But when I got into GLOW ONLINE it took it to the next level for me. This was the first course I have taken that put “me” as a topic and it made a very positive impact on both my professional and personal life.


Upon finishing the program, I am extremely thankful for this opportunity. I have grown so much as a leader and as a person over the course of this program and I look forward to continuing my developing going forward. It’s great to have the videos and worksheets to look back on at anytime. I would highly recommend GLOW ONLINE to anyone.


Overall, compared to other learning I have done in school or online, I find this MUCH better.


My supervisor said that she has noticed a change in me over the past few months. She said I was more assured and able to more effectively get buy in from my team. I told her I was doing the GLOW ONLINE leadership development program. Then she gave me a raise!


The program gets me to look at leadership in a new way. It is a fresh perspective that I have found more effective than other things I have learned or read about leadership.


I find that GLOW ONLINE provides opportunity to watch and interrupt the content at my own pace as well as gives myself time to process the information in ways that will benefit me the most. It is very flexible as I can access and learn at a time that is suitable where I can either complete a session on a day off or after work making it less stressful on schedules.

Being in the online program has helped me realize what I would like to achieve and setting goals for myself to further invest in my future.

This is a great opportunity to learn techniques, and help define ways to better yourself, not only as a leader, but as a person as well, as you can apply the knowledge on many aspects of your life.