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Create an experience for your audience that is full of energy, new ideas and that will create consistent and meaningful change for your participants. Glow Leadership creates extraordinary experiences that entice you to step fully into your potential as a leader in both your professional and personal life. Your audience will be ignited to move forward through action in a practical, fun and meaningful way.

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Learn more about Diane how she can contribute to your meeting or event with a customized topic that will leave your audience feeling motivated and inspired to lead at a higher level, noth professionally and personally.

Working with Glow Leadership was awesome! The organizing committee instantly liked Diane when she arrived the day of the event, as she was very friendly and outgoing. She graciously accommodated our speaker guidelines and tailored her presentation perfectly for the audience. Her heartfelt stories made her a truly authentic speaker and she had us all on the edge of our seats. We were so captivated you could have heard a pin drop! We were all really impressed with the way she wove the Famous 5 women into her presentation and gave kudos to their legacy. Diane shared our Facebook page on her site, as we did with hers which helped bolster sales to the evening presentation. The comments from attendees were overwhelmingly positive and everyone left that night feeling inspired and ready to “ignite their life!”! Thanks to Glow Leadership we all had a very positive experience and were able to host a very successful event!

Angela Scoble, Chair, Enbridge Famous 5 Speaker Series, Suncor


The information you shared today is so inspirational yet practical. I can’t wait to try some of the things you suggested. I know it is going to make my life easier. -FC

The women I spoke to after the event loved your presentation and wished it was longer. - MS

You have really inspired me! -CD

Diane was amazing!  - KPU Leadership Conference

Diane helped break tired old patterns and see exciting new options. -  KPU Leadership Conference

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