Well Employees are Productive 

and Effective Employees

It's time for a new approach to wellness. One that will support the whole being and uniqueness of each of your employees. One that will actually have meaningful and sustainable results. Make a difference in your business; do the right thing and support the wellness of your team. It's a win-win!

Health is a state of body, wellness is a state of being.

We are living in stressed out society that has turned into a mental health crisis.

Have you noticed your absenteeism rates have increased? That your team may not be as inspired, motivated or committed to achieveing results as they have been in the past? The global impacts of stress and mental health issues are affecting everyone - this is not a bullet you can dodge; however, there is a proactive way to support the people on your team - invest in holistic wellness training that will support their well being and resilence and notice more focus, enagement and production in your business.


For decades, companies have invested in Employee Wellness initiatives only to see minimal to no results. That is because there truly is no one size fits all fix for wellness. Just as each human being has their own unique finger print, they also must have their own unique plan for wellness to achieve optimal results. ACTIVATE Wellness is an accessible and affordable online learning experience that will help your employees develop a unique and holistic wellness plan that will actually work for them and activate great outcomes.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

When you register you will receive a welcome email with your log in credentials to gain immediate access to the program within the Glow Leadership Training Academy. You will be able to access all four(4) modules and start working towards optimizing your wellness today! When you purchase multiple licenses, you will  gain access to the team leader area where you will add your members to start them in the program, as well as a special team leader module to assist you in launching and upoorting the program within your organization.


The program stress free and online. You can access the program from anywhere you have access to the web and complete modules around your own schedule and preference for optimal learning. 

Watch the training video segments as many times as you like, pause, repeat ro fast forward to where you last left off. Life is stressful enough - your learning and development shouldn't add to that! That is precisiely why ACTIVATE Wellness was designed to create optimal flexibility.


For decades companies have invested millions of dollars into wellness offerings that have yielded little to no results. One of the biggest reasons is that their offerings present a one size fits all approach that will only work for a small percentage of people.

ACTIVATE Wellness is different. It offers each diinely unique participant the opportunity to develop a strategy, approach and action plan that works for them. One they can adjust as time goes and one that truly serves their unique needs.


North American has been laser focused on physical well-being for centuries, no wonder we find ourselves in a mental health crisis. Not surprising as it helps drive the $72 billion dollar weight loss industry as well as other highly profitable industries.

True wellness can only be discovered in wholeness. ACTIVATE Wellness teaches students about all the realms of well-being and how to develop a personal wellness plan to proactively support and revitalize wellness.

Meet Diane 

Founder and Principle of Glow Leadership Inc, and sometimes referred to as ‘the human whisperer,’ Diane is highly passionate about people and the way they behave. She helps organizations reach their objectives by levelling up their leadership bench strength and aligning their people practices to achieve positive results. She is a recognized expert in leadership development, executive coaching, engagement, retention, wellness and building winning teams.

Prior to founding Glow Leadership Inc. in 2013, Diane spent 20 years in the corporate world as a Human Resources Professional. She has worked in the non-profit, automotive, high tech and retail industries. She is a Certified Human Resources Professional, a CEVEY Business Leadership Coach and a finalist for the 2012 HRMA Human Resources Professional of the Year.

Diane lives in beautiful White Rock, British Columbia, Canada. She is the proud mother of two adult children and a Vancouver Canucks fan.

Course Modules

Here is what we cover...


Module 1: Wellness

Module one begins with a brief introduction to the course and how it works. Then students learn a broader definition of wellness and a holistic model that will better serve them as they move to developing their own, uniquely designed wellness plan. For decades companies have been delivering up a one sized fits all wellness plan for their employees. It's time for something different that will actually supprt and get results for your team.


Module 2: Overcoming Stress

We are a stressed out society and it is having a significant impact on individuals,companies and our society overall. In Module two students learn about what stress is and how it happens, as well as the impact it is having on their own wellness and society. We then look at some positive strategies to better address stress and overwhlem to proactively create more wellness.


Module 3: Work-Life Balance

Is Work-Life Balance bogus? It seems like no matter what we do, we can't quite seem to achieve it. In Module three students will learn the obstacles to balance and why what we have been trying isn't working. From there they will be walked through a fun and creative 6-Step process that will help them re-create balance from a relational perspective. Albert Einstein siad, "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity." It's time to look at a new approach to create work-life balance and we do just that in this module.


Module 4: Mental Health

We are officially in a global mental health crisis and there are several reasons why we find ourselves here. Module four looks at current statistics on mental health, the reasons we are where we are at and then moves into some proactive ways to nurture mental health. Students learn about the gut connection - a key physical component of achieveing a state of positive mental health, the mind-body connection, as well as some emotional, enrgetic and spiritual philosophies to support mental health and well-being.


Manager's Module 

Included in the purchase of a multiple liscence plan, the Manager's Module includes a short video training segment to help team leaders launch, roll out and support their teams through the program. The downloadable Team Leader's Checklist includes a communication script for launching and walks leaders through the key steps for an easy and effective launch.

What makes us different?

Not only does the course design make learning accesible, easy and worry free; ACTIVATE Wellness proactively creates wellness by enabling students to develop a unique plan that supports their whole being. The result? True change and optmal wellness.

Wellness is Foundational to Success!

The course can be purchased individually or in a multiple license format, which includes the additional Manager's Module and significant savings.


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You Got This! 

I am truly passionate about helping people remove obstacles in their lives to help create balance, meaning and wellness in both their professional and personal lives. I would truly be honoured to support you and your team in achieveing a new sense of balance and wellness.

Cheers to your wellness!