Get Everything You Want – 6 Steps to Success!


So… you’re a go getter.

A woman that get’s stuff done. Makes things happen and has a pretty great life filled with many blessings. You feel incredibly grateful. And yet, there seems to be those one or two things that you just can’t seem to make happen.

Maybe it’s that next level promotion or feeling confident and comfortable in your current role. Maybe it’s a relationship or that stubborn weight you just can’t seem to lose.

I get it.

My entire life I’ve been someone who makes stuff happen. Get’s things done. Overcomes obstacles. Creates success.

But over this past year I have gained some new wisdom around the things in my life that seem to be escaping me.  And let me tell you a secret…since I have adapted my success formula, I have had AMAZING results!

So much so, I just needed to share these 6 Steps to Success with you.

  1. INTENTION – The first step is to be crystal clear about what you so that you can make an intention. If you are wishy washy and aren’t really sure about what you want, you will get wishy washy results. You should be so clear that you can feel what it will be like once your intention crystalizes into reality.
  2. BELIEVE – You have heard the common saying, ‘you have to believe it to achieve it,’ but the reality is ‘whatever you believe, you will achieve.’ If you believe you don’t deserve something or aren’t ready, you won’t be. If you have doubts that could interfere with your intention, develop a plan of how to increase you confidence so you can truly believe – not only in the goal, but in yourself and your worthiness of receiving the desired outcome.
  3. TRUST – Such an easy word to type and yet oh so hard to practice when patience is not one of your virtues. This is actually my word of the year as it is such a hard piece of the puzzle for me. I just want to know!! But when we trust, our energy relaxes and expands. This opens us up to receive so much more than we could ever expect. So trust that things will align and also, trust that you deserve this fabulous outcome.
  4. ALLOW – Imagine if you were baking a cake and after you put it in the oven, you proceeded to open  the oven to check on the cake  every 5 minutes. It would take much longer for the cake to bake and it would likely not turn out as well. The same is true for the things in life we are trying to achieve. We make an intention and then if it doesn’t happen in two days, we start to constantly think about it, hoping to rush it along. The problem with this approach is that it puts us in a space of scarcity. When we are in the opposite space of allowing, we are relaxed, calm, trusting and our expansive energy attracts the good things we desire.
  5. RECEIVE- This sounds like a no brainer; however, many women are significantly challenged when it comes to receiving. Let me ask you this – when someone compliments you do you feel good and simply say ‘thank you?’ Or do you feel awkward and uncomfortable and say, ‘oh no I don’t really look that great?’ If you are naturally a giver or an independent, self-sufficient woman like myself, receiving is not a natural and comfortable space to be in. When you understand that the natural flow of abundance includes giving AND receiving, it makes it a little bit easier to be open. Also remember this: don’t take the joy away from the giver by not graciously receiving the compliment, support or gift they are excited to extend to you.
  6. COMMIT – If you want to achieve anything in life, you need to commit. Commit to the vision or intention. Commit to the action necessary to get you to success. We get this; however, we often struggle with committing to ourselves. In relationships women will commit to the relationship and to their partner with ease, but when it comes to their own needs, there is often a lack of commitment. For the mom’s out there – this is probably worse. You make sure your kids get everything they need to thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; but how are you committing to nurture yourself?

Did I hear you just say, ‘I don’t have time.’ When you say ‘I don’t have time’ you are choosing to NOT commit to yourself. Listen…you deserve more, but until you give it to yourself, no one else will.

When you commit to yourself, invest in yourself, grow yourself it says something extremely powerful – I AM WORTHY – and when you are worthy all of your deepest hopes, dreams and desires are possible!

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