Feel Happier Now! 3 Ways to Change Your Life

Do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to balance everything? Trying your best to be great at everything you do? Attempting to make a significant impact in your work and your life? Do you sometimes feel like you are just getting by, doing a half assed job at things you truly value?

It doesn’t have to be that way!

You can change your life and feel so much happier by prioritizing just three things. But first I have to share a secret with you. There is one thing you need to know that will change the way you tackle this beautiful life.

And if you do…you really will feel more confidence, balance, success and love! The secret is:

Life is about relationships!

We relate on some level with all things in life. How we relate in our most important relationships will determine how happy, balanced and fulfilled our lives are. Period!

Typically we have relationships with ourselves, our partner, our children, our family, our work, our community and others. When our relationships are healthy and fulfilling they add energy and joy to our lives. Life feels easier.

I think we have all been in an unhealthy relationship at some point in our lives with either a partner or a job. You know how the dissatisfaction, frustration, or simple lack of engagement decreases your energy and seeps into other parts of your lives. One unhealthy or unfulfilled relationship can actually decrease your performance or desire in other parts of your life.

Although we have many relationships in life, three of them serve as a foundation – a tripod for stability or a trinity for true happiness and fulfillment. They are: your relationships with yourself, your partner and your work. If these three relationships in life are functioning optimally, your life feels pretty darned good! You feel a sense of balance, passion and confidence and you can approach all of the other relationships in your life with much more ease and support.

So if you want to change your life and feel happier you simply need to do these three things:

Love Yourself – Oh goodness! You hear this everywhere these days. What the what?! What does that really mean? Does it mean I have to be selfish or a narcissist? How does one really go about loving themselves?

Here’s the deal. If you do not have a healthy relationship with yourself, your other relationships can never reach their highest potential. Do you want to be a better employee, partner, or parent? Then you need to nurture your relationship with yourself…always!

But how do I do that?

You are a beautiful multi-dimensional human being that exists in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realm. Understanding who you truly are and how you can nurture yourself in all four realms will help you connect with and love yourself.

Start by asking, how can I nurture myself in each of the four areas?  If you need more help with this, I recommend doing exercise number one – “Connecting to You” in my FREE e-book Soulmate Love – How to Create the Connection Your Heart Desires. Just go to the top of the page here and enter your name and email to download your complimentary copy!

Love Your Work – How do you feel when you get out of bed in the morning and think about going to work? If you won the lottery would you keep doing what you are doing? Do you have more good days or bad days at work?

Too often people get caught in the zone of paying the bills or fear of trying something new. But I am telling you, if you have more bad days than good days you need to make a change! The good news is you have a choice about what you can change. You can change jobs, you can change some of the aspects of your current job or you can change your attitude about your job.

Your work is important. You spend too much of your time there for it not to fill you up! Of course you are going to have bad days at whatever you do. We all do. But if you are doing what you do just to pay the bills or because you “should” it is time to take a look at how to pay the bills with some work that will make you happier.

Love Your Partner – The romantic partnership relationship is a critical one if you truly desire feelings of happiness and fulfillment. As human beings we naturally desire connection. We are the best versions of ourselves when we feel loved, supported and understood. Life is truly better when you have someone to intimately share it with.

The thing is, too often because of our strong desire to be in connection we choose to partner with someone that does not bring out the best in us which ultimately leads to relationship failure. Or we choose the right person but we fail to nurture the connection and stop growing together. If you have struggled in either of these areas my FREE e-Book will help. Download your copy now by entering your name and email in the green box above.

Close your eyes for just a moment and imagine how you would feel if you had an amazing soul level connection with yourself, your work and your romantic partner. Life would be pretty darn fantastic!

For intimate personalized assistance consider one on one coaching! I would love to help you create the life and love you deserve!  Contact me today – [email protected]


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  1. Great article Diane! Too many people get trapped in jobs they hate and feel financially obliged to stay. Have the courage to make a change.

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