Success Mindset – 3 Questions to Empower You

The great thing about my birthday is that it comes exactly half way through the year. It is a perfect time to reflect back upon the last year, assess the current year to date and to make intentions for the year ahead.

In my day to day mind I sometimes get stuck in what I have not yet accomplished and the list of things to do. Or because I am in my first year of business, I sometimes obsess about how much money I am not making. Getting stuck in this mindset is extremely dangerous. It sucks away energy and immobilizes us in fear and doubt.

The best way to ensure we do not get stuck in this mindset is to look at things from a different perspective. Step back from  current reality and take some time to think about the last month or last year and ask these 3 questions:

1. What have I learned? Our society obsesses about faults and failings. We beat ourselves up daily about what we have not accomplished and things that “have not worked out” in our past. However, if we move away from judgment into enquiry and ask ourselves “What did I learn from that experience?” we can use our lessons to be more effective in the future.

2. What have I let go of? There is a difference between giving up and letting go. Too often we get stuck believing they are the same thing. Giving up is when we prematurely exit a situation, experience or thought pattern because it is difficult, even though the long term gain is positive. Letting go is a conscious decision to let go of something that is no longer serving us. When we consciously let go of a pattern, experience or thought pattern that is no longer serving us, we create space for something new that will serve us.

3. What am I grateful for? If we could do one thing that will make our lives better it would be to begin a daily gratitude practice. When you put your head on the pillow each night think about your day and all the things you are grateful for rather than all of the things you need to do the next day or what currently feels uncomfortable in your life. Whatever you choose to think about before you sleep is what you are choosing to “marinade” in for the next 8 hours so choose something positive. We attract into our lives what we focus on. The choice is ultimately yours; do you want to attract more stressful situations or do you want to attract more love and abundance?

On my birthday I have a choice at how I can look at things. I can look at what has not been accomplished yet and beat myself up or I can choose a different approach. When I look back at my last year and ask myself these questions I feel really good. I feel positive, confident and energized. I know that I am winning, growing and moving ahead in the right direction and I feel very hopeful for an even brighter year ahead.

Cheers to a fresh new year ahead!