I have always been an action oriented person. I make things happen. I get things done. I create my reality.

But lately I have been questioning myself. Am I getting what my soul truly desires?

I am a reforming control freak. For me being in control has always provided certainty. For most the only thing worse than bad is uncertainty. I was one of those people and as result I would self-sabotage just to feel safe in my bubble of certainty.

As I grow each and every day to a more enlightened human being, I am learning to let go of certainty, and trust that life will unfold beautifully if I just surrender my fears and allow.

What is surrender?

Imagine how it feels to float in water. It is one of the most peaceful feelings one can experience. Now compare that to swimming against a current. Because our society values action we typically spend a lot of time in resistance, swimming against life’s natural currents.

When we surrender we float peacefully in alignment with our soul’s true desires.

Over the past few weeks I have come to a realization that I have been swimming upstream for the past year. I believe that in life we have to “let go” to create space for something new. However, being the action oriented person I am, the process or act of letting go, naturally became action based and hence I spent an entire year swimming against the currents.

In an attempt to let go and move on from the love of my life, I took action. I went on line. I went on many coffee dates. I met a few men through my work. I dated some of them very briefly. I thought if I could find another man to love then I could let go and move on. My attempt to let go was action based and therefore I was in a space of resistance. The result? No results!

It’s time to let go of letting go and to move to surrender.

1536472_702460943128235_463213035_n[1]So I quiet myself. I connect with my heart and soul and ask what is true for me. The whispers of my soul confirm my love has not wavered, diminished or eased. Despite the circumstances, what other people think or my own fear based ego mind chatter, one thing prevails.

He is my one.

No more resistance; no more action. Just surrender.

I have no idea where this surrender will lead me but I feel peace in just floating; in being connected to my heart and soul’s truth. I’m letting go of resistance and just be-ing.

Where in your life are you resisting the natural currents of your soul? Take time this week to create a quiet space and ask yourself this question. Listen for the whispers in response. Surrender to your soul and enjoy the peace of floating.

Are you ready to find that peace people talk about? Ready to feel more confident, alive and in alignment with your soul’s natural currents? I can help you get there! Contact me today so we can get you started!