How Wellness Impacts Leadership

Earlier this month I launched an online employee wellness training program ACTIVATE Wellness. You might be thinking, “but I thought you did leadership development? What does wellness have to do with leadership?”Well, quite frankly A LOT.First, wellness isn’t a new concept in my teachings. In fact, in GLOW ONLINE – …

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Overcome Procrastination Now – 4 Simple Steps

Procrastination. We all experience it. That knowing that you really need to get something done, but you just can’t seem to find the motivation to make it happen. Thinking things through before taking thoughtful action is definitely a positive leadership quality; however, if a decision has been made and action …

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Live Outside the Box!

“You’ll never have to think outside of a box that isn’t there in the first place.” – Eric Purcell “Think outside the box.” A cliché phrase in the business world that originated in the early 1970’s. Why is it so common? Because innovation lies outside of the box. A competitive …

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I have always been an action oriented person. I make things happen. I get things done. I create my reality. But lately I have been questioning myself. Am I getting what my soul truly desires? I am a reforming control freak. For me being in control has always provided certainty. …

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Your Investment in Wellness. Make it Count!

Workplace Wellness programs have become the “thing to do.” With benefit and absenteeism costs increasing at alarming rates employers have jumped on board in an attempt to keep their costs level. Additionally, good wellness programs serve as an attraction factor; part of an organizations recruiting value proposition. Employees, today more …

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