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Kelly Glow GirlWhat is YOUR story? Who are YOU? What is YOUR life journey all about?

Knowing thyself to Love Myself.

My story begins from as early as I could remember, maybe 2 years old as a highly sensitive girl who felt a deep sense of feeling lost, lonely and empty inside. I am born and raised in a Portuguese family as a first born child. I have always been a sensitive empath to my environment and somehow I always felt very different than most of my family, and to this day I still feel that way. My parents lived very scarcely in Portugal with hardly any money which had shaped the way I viewed money and security from a very early age. Most of my family are hard-working blue collared factory workers, and to me it became very clear over time that I was meant to have a much different path that my family.

I didn’t have the greatest role models or mentors growing up. I had little self-worth and confidence while looking for attention approval and love in all the wrong places. My father was very over protective which resulted in me rebelling behind my parents back without them knowing because being the oldest in the family there is a lot of pressure in being responsible.

I didn’t care for school and was nowhere near being a straight A student which made me believe that I wasn’t smart enough. When I became old enough to date, that is when I really started to look to men to show me my worth and value. I had no sense of self and so would seek relationships to validate who I was…and to also make me happy. I had no direction of what I wanted to do with my life or any personal dreams or aspirations…all I knew then was that I wanted a loving relationship and to be happy.

Becoming an Astrologer helped me to see that it is written in my stars that I have come into this life with an abundance of lessons around relationships and a lot of my lessons are karmic but ultimately help me gain more conscious awareness in who I really am.

Life began to change quite drastically in 2007 when I start became my spiritual path. I discovered tools that have helped me understand who I was and what I was going through more than anything else.  Spiritual tools such as Astrology, Numerology, Tarot & Oracle cards, Psychic Awareness, Crystals, Energy Healing, Mediumship, Spiritualism and more came into my life to help me on my path of truly discovering who I was and what my life path was all about.

I was in and out of similar jobs in customer service and insurance with no formal education other than high school. It wasn’t until 2011, my thirtieth year, where I felt ready to finally leave my corporate job and go back to school to peruse my interests in spiritual work. That year I met a great guy who believed and supported me in making the transition from leaving my corporate world and start my path as an entrepreneur. I went back to school to study holistic psychotherapy and at the same time received a scholarship in studying Astrology. It became more apparent as time went on that I was not only learning how to counsel and coach people through therapy, but also become an Astrologer and use this incredible tool to help others.

I also began to take my psychic abilities more seriously as I had been told by several psychics in the past that I was very psychic. I became involved with the two spiritualist churches where I lived and then began to develop my mediumship and channelling abilities. Finally all the pieces have been starting to come together and all the while I started to put myself out there through social media including My YouTube channel which has been a very huge part in my business growing.  I can finally say after all these years I finally feel as though I know who I am and I know what my purpose is. I have gained so much confidence in myself through all that I have learned in gained and I feel very grateful to be doing this kind of work. I feel as though I am working towards my dream goals of being free to work anywhere in world and to be my own boss while loving what I do. It’s been an amazing journey of self discovery and transformation.

What has been YOUR biggest challenge or life obstacle that YOU feel has dimmed YOUR GLOW? 

I would have to say my lack of sense of self. I had no idea who I was or what I wanted and looked outside of me for answers for a very long time. I sought this through friends, boyfriends and even therapists and psychics, always looking for the truth of what I wanted and who I was meant to be outside of me. Not having a strong sense of self really made it hard to trust my feelings, intuition and inner knowing. This kept me in confusion and self-doubt. I have always been hard working and ambitious, but without clarity and a clear sense of direction it made it very difficult to trust anything I did. And because I am not a regular average girl, it was even that much more difficult to stay in a job that had a decent amount of security but no sense of passion.

Quitting my job and going back to school to follow my dreams was not the end of this major challenge. For the next two and half years I was really struggling to figure out if I had made the right decision and if this was a path that was really for me. Again I was not trusting my journey the process. On top of that I was continuously worried about money because I was no longer working and I was used to working and having a pay check to look forward to. My partner kept reminding me not to worry and to continue following my dreams and passions. He was a great support because he believed in my capabilities and my success. I will always be grateful for him as I truly believe he played a special role in my success.

How have YOU grown as a woman in the last year? What lessons, insights or ah-ha moments have you had?

One of the biggest lessons I have had to go through was the breakup of my almost four year relationship right before Christmas, yup…that wonderful guy who played a big part in my quitting my corporate job in order to follow my dreams.  It was very difficult to part ways but it was a very respectful, conscious and timely break up. One of the biggest lessons through 2014 was to teach me that I am very capable of being successful and to continue to put the trust in myself as good things do happen when you put yourself out there. I also learned the power of letting go of the attachment of certainty and with what the future holds. The biggest lesson is knowing I can be successful on my own and be OK on my own without a man. Don’t get me wrong, I will always be a relationship girl, but this time I am not in a hurry and trust the Universe in bringing me what I need.

Also, when I finally stopped doubting what I was doing and integrated all of who I AM into my business, this is when things started to really take off because I was finally in the wholeness of who I am. This has been one of the most powerful turning points yet on my journey as a Psychic-Medium Therapist & Counselor and Intuitive Astrologer Coach and I know this is still only the beginning of so much more! I no longer have to separate parts of myself but use my wholeness in all that I do. I no longer fear owning that title because I believe is who I AM and what I am here to do.

What else do YOU want to share with the YOU GLOW GIRL!® Community?

Don’t let fear or failure or success hold you back. I know first had what it is like to live in a scarcity mentality ( I grew up that way) and when you realize all it takes in believing in who you are and what you are capable of doing you will attract all the prosperity in your life you wish. It certainly isn’t a walk in the park. It takes a lot of work, determination and commitment.  I had to really come to terms with the fact that my path was going to be much different than my family and most friends, and that I was never meant to have a typical career of having a boss over my shoulder. I had to learn to be OK with all of this in order to follow my true path. When you can truly start being honest with yourself and what you want, there is no holding you back. It all starts with knowing who YOU are first! I honestly feel that discovering who I AM through Astrology and other divination tools has been a God sent in my life which is now the very thing I use to serve the world with. Discovering my true gifts, talents, strengths and passions really paved the way for my success.

Know yourself to LOVE yourself to BE yourself.  (soon to be changed to

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