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Jill Glow GirlWhat is YOUR story? Who are YOU? What is YOUR life journey all about?

I am a Spiritual Pragmatist. My life is full of rich experiences, bold love and clients that inspire me. Each day I have another opportunity to revel in the beauty of living a conscious life, open hearted and willing to allow all emotions and experience to move through me, gently altering my life and creating more compassion and love.

It hasn’t always been this way. Up until 3 years ago I was living the way so many do; day to day hoping something, anything, would change. Someone or something would rescue me from the desperate anxiety and confusion I was living in. The problem was nothing I tried worked. I read books, took courses, followed thought leaders and bought a lot of shoes. I traveled, even moving to another country. Yes, each of these things added to my life. Looking back I can see how I still draw from the lessons learned in this grasping. I yelled at the universe “Why isn’t anything working!!!” The answer:  “There are no answers outside of yourself. You MUST go in.”

Through much personal work, falling down and getting back up that continues to this day, I found my way.

A mentor of mine whom I value deeply once said, “You must teach in order to learn. Give it all away in order to receive.” And so now I dedicate my life to teaching others what it means to find their own answers within. I guide them back to their hearts, helping to pull back the veils and see themselves and their lives with clarity. Although all of the answers ARE within, there is true value in being guided on your path. I have several mentors and guides and always will. I am however, my own guru and so are you!

What has been YOUR biggest challenge or life obstacle that YOU feel has dimmed YOUR GLOW?

As a child, I was tiny, loud, full of energy and bursting with potential. Aren’t we all as children? My nickname was Worm because I could literally bend my body into any shape you could name. Born into a home with 5 other children, hard working parents that loved us dearly and tons of cousins close by, you would think growing up would have been a fairy tale. I suppose in some ways it was, as I don’t know any fairy tales that don’t have tragedy and woe. There were a lot of people and not a lot of abundance, either financially or emotionally. Tired, overworked adults and too many kids trying to find (fight) for their place in the tribe they were born into. Much slipped through the cracks including, in my case, abuse. Today I will share with you one such instance I feel had a profound impact.

At the age of 9 I fell in with a group of girls, two older and one younger, that lived in the neighborhood. For more than a year I was sexually, physically and emotionally assaulted. It is out of accord with the natural way of life when a 9 year old knows how to do a strip tease. Before anyone had explained the birds and bees or what love between two adults meant I was taught how to pleasure a woman and encouraged to seduce the boys. Upon the threat and often the follow through of violence, I complied. I did what I needed to do in order to survive, as the fear was so deeply embedded there really was no choice.

Shame, guilt and fear became my constant companions.

Eventually, they tired of me and left me alone but by then the damage was done. I was no longer the confident, carefree little girl. I was damaged and it showed.

This began a life of desperately seeking love and approval. Although I certainly couldn’t have articulated it at the time, I had lost myself. Jill had curled up in a ball in the corner and disappeared from sight.

There is more to this story and much that followed. As I look back I am now able to see the gifts in it all. Some may question how that is possible; I’m here to tell you it is. You see, all that has been in my life, all of the trials and pain have given me an ability to be with just about anything you show up with. I can sit with your pain as you move through it, never falling in but rather holding out the life jacket until you are ready to put it on.

I see myself as blessed.

How have YOU grown as a woman in the last year? What lessons, insights or ah-ha moments have you had?

This last year has been one of tremendous growth. Here are a few of the things I’ve learned:

  • It isn’t always as it seems. Look deeper to find the underlying gift
  • Abundance has nothing to do with money and yet includes the wealth associated with it
  • Trust and Surrender are powerful mantras to incorporate into your life
  • My way and your way are the same; they just look different on the outside
  • The degree to which you have Compassion and Love for yourself is the degree in which you have the ability to gift it to another
  • In order to experience the deepest peace you must be willing to experience the deepest pain
  • This too shall pass

What else do YOU want to share with the YOU GLOW GIRL!® Community

I would like to leave you with it is these thoughts: You ARE deeply loved, cherished and honored. No matter where you happen to be on your path in this very moment, it is exactly where you were meant to be. Stay present moment to moment so that you don’t miss the joy you are meant to experience. Love is ALWAYS the answer.


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