Glow Leadership Inc. offers unique leadership development, organizational design and executive coaching opportunities to help leaders and organizations achieve their best results. Our Life Design programs and coaching help individuals create meaningful balance in life. When we discover what our unique talents and purpose are and how to apply them in business or life we glow.

glow (glō) – verb

  • To shine brightly and steadily, especially without a flame
  • A warm feeling, as of pleasure or well-being
  • Brilliance or vividness of colour

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Glowing Organizations

Our corporate services include leadership development programs for experienced or emerging leaders, executive coaching, organizational design, strategic human resources support and proactive workplace wellness initiatives and coaching that will make your organization and its leaders glow.

Glowing Leaders

One of the most effective ways to elevate an organizations performance is to increase leadership bench strength. Executive coaching is one of the most effective ways to get the results you desire.


How would it feel to create a life with more balance? It is achievable with Glow’s process. First we uncover an understanding of what you truly value. Then we take steps and apply tools to assist in creating a balanced and meaningful life.